Our menu

Everything we serve here in the hamlet is almost always locally grown. We always have something for those of you who are lactose and/or gluten intolerant.

Something filling

  • Göttas crispbread or sourdough with cheese or smoked sausage

  • Äskhults' hash browns with side dishes

Something sweet

  • Soft biscuit of the day

  • Waffles with the trimmings

  • Buns from Idala Gårdsbageri

  • Swiss roll

  • Cookie

  • Seasonal pie with vanilla cream

  • Kronans biscuit with cream and raspberries

Something to drink

  • Coffee or tea

  • Coffee with 2 cookies to dip

  • Coffee on a saucer with sugar cubes

  • Juice

  • Soft drink / Äskhult light beer