Hiking paths

Fjärås, Kungsbacka

You can stroll around the hamlet and the surrounding area, even when the buildings are closed. There are lovely outlooks in the central and northern parts of the cultural reserve.

Come along on a walking tour through our cultural landscape! Four historical paths run through Äskhult.

Colour markings

The paths are marked in red, yellow, blue, and white.

White paths are shortcuts, if you want a shorter walking tour.

All the paths begin and end in Äskhult, but you can also start your walking tour from other places.

Keep in mind that the paths run partly through pasture land with grazing animals. The animals are used to people walking by, but please show them consideration.

Take a dip in Svinsjön

In the summer, swimming from the rocks is delightful. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy the waterside. You can order a picnic basket in the café, or bring your own.

Public transportation


Äskhult is located in Fjärås, south of Kungsbacka.
From the E6, take exit 58 towards Fjärås. Follow the signs to Äskhult, 14 km from the E6.