The animals

There are chickens, cows, horses and pigs in the area. The animals are tame but could react negatively if they become stressed. It is in everyone’s best interest to simply leave the animals alone. Do not stroke them, keep dogs leashed, and keep the gates closed.

Åsbo hen

The Åsbo hen comes in different colours and often flies up into trees and onto roof beams to protect itself against predators.

Hedemora hen

The Hedemora hen can have several toes. In former times, it was common as a wedding gift. They are good layers, and brood well.

Linderöd pig

The Linderöd pig is a little rounder than the long modern breeds, and the snout is straight. It is a hardy breed, and does best if it’s allowed to be outside and root around in the forest and farmland.

Belgian horse

The Belgian horse is known for being a very large and strong breed of horse, with an incredibly strong back and a friendly gaze. Its legs are strong with large hooves.

Texel sheep

These sheep are white, with white legs, white heads, and black tails. They have a calm temperament, are good-natured, and easy to handle. The ewes normally give birth to two lambs.

Oxford Down sheep

These sheep are light grey, have dark shaggy legs, and hairy faces. They produce a lot of wool and meat, and have a calm temperament. The ewes rarely give birth to more than two lambs.

Suffolk sheep

These sheep are white, with black heads and legs. They have a calm temperament, but are a bit distant towards people. The ewes give birth at most to two lambs.

Swedish mountain cattle

The Swedish mountain cattle lack horns, and are used in connection with summer pasture villages in northern Sweden. Their milk is particularly good for cheese manufacture.