Come along on a guided tour where you’ll meet our maids and farmhands, who will skilfully tell the story of the hamlet of Äskhult – infanticides, members of Parliament, lay assessors, and strong women. And also the work on repairing and restoring the fields according to the redistribution map of 1825.

Enjoy nature, stroll among timber cottages and moss-covered stone fences, and finish up with a genuine fika inside Bengts Kaffestuga or out in the farmyard.


Hamlet tour – group, private guide

1–12 persons, 1,300 SEK

13–25 persons, 1,700 SEK

Driver and tour leader (max two persons) free admission


Coffee and Hanna Göök’s sandwiches from 55 SEK

Coffee and Mökebulle or Bengt’s soft biscuit, 50 SEK

Max 25 persons per guide, and max two groups at the same time. The guided tour takes 45 minutes.

Themed exhibitions

You are welcome to book tours of the hamlet or other tours with special themes, and other events from April up through early December, both daytime and evenings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

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