Äskhult hamlet

Fjärås, Kungsbacka

It’s closer than you think. A time when people believed that elves and gnomes hid in the mist. When small farms lay close together, and the ringing laugh of a child could travel a kilometer through the air without meeting anything else than birdsong. The lake shone like a silver mirror in the sunlight, and beyond the stony pasture land the forest began – green, wild, and full of mystery.

Transport yourself back in time two hundred years

In Äskhult, you’ll step right into a genuine hamlet from the 1800s, with roots in the 1600s and 1700s. Once you leave the parking area, there isn’t much to remind you of our time. An immensely beautiful cattle path leads to the hamlet.

The farms

The four farms from the 1700s and 1800s – Göttas, Jönsas, Bengts, and Derras – have been unpainted silver-gray and shimmer beautifully around the small hamlet square. The hamlet underwent a redistribution of land holdings in 1825 and a legal partitioning in 1864, but the farms were not split up and remain in their original locations – something unique in Sweden.

Guided tour

During peak season, we have guided tours in Swedish and English daily. During events, you can book a guide for an additional cost. Of course, we will gladly receive groups that can book their own special guide.

You will learn more about the life stories of the inhabitants of the hamlet, and also about the ongoing restoration project to recreate a landscape around an old-fashioned hamlet that is unique and incredibly interesting.

Wander and stroll

There are four different culture paths in the beautiful landscape surrounding the hamlet.

You can pick up a brochure with a self-guided tour in the café if you would like to take a tour by yourself. You can also learn more about cultivation, the recreation of the lands, and a number of discoveries that have been made. The paths are also meant for those of you who would like to get some exercise and enjoy the landscape.

The café

In Bengts Kaffestuga we serve treats such as newly-baked buns and cakes for coffee, and sandwiches based on old recipes from the district.

Take the opportunity for an excursion, and eat lunch or buy a picnic basket with all the fixings for a fika for a stroll along any of the hamlet’s culture paths.

Activities and events

The hamlet of Äskhult is a unique attraction in many ways – you’ll understand when you come. You’ll be offered a fantastic environment where “peaceful” is one of our catchwords.

Apart from experiencing and learning more about the 1800s, agrarian reform, care of the land, and more, we can offer a meeting space you’ll never forget. There are plenty of opportunities for both physical and mental activities, as well as for meetings in unique premises. Small groups are preferable at present, but there is of course the possibility of creating solutions for your occasion specifically.

Price information

Adult: SEK 50

Child 2-15 years: SEK 25

Special events

Adult: SEK 60-75

Child: SEK 30-35

Public transportation


From Kungsbacka, drive the E6 southwards to Fjärås and turn off at the E6 junction number 58. Follow the signs to Äskhults by.

WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 57.42707, 12.28212