A pronounced dialect was spoken in Äskhult, with words and expression that today are – nearly – incomprehensible and, moreover, no longer used.

Bastalyckan: where flax was dried

Boscha: shotgun/gun

Däka: girl

Fökset: barn

Hajle: boy

Hallar: flat rock/rock

Horshakräk: horse

Hågade: remembered

Häbbaret: bedroom or innermost room

Hängklä: embroidery hung up from the roof

Härdar: fire pit

Hästatröv: beaten-down path between wheel tracks

Höret: flax

Kimmasäng: built-in bed

Lakekar: tub for grain

Laret: gathering place in the hamlet

Lyseknekt: candle-holder

Mullbänk: flower border along the wall of a house

Mökelämmen: manure hatch in the barn

Prejlades: threshed

Påommen: place above the oven where children and the elderly were placed on lambskin

Skvaltkvarn: mill used for grinding grain

Sparlakanssäng: bed with veil or curtain

Vadmal: thick woven wool fabric